Fix Series  : SystemAir® Fix Type Evaporative Air Cooler

Model       : STMA-40-D

1. Super energy saving, it requires only 4.0Kw  per hour to cool a 250-400m2 factory

2. Completely new material CO-PP plastic cabinet, age inhibiting ,never rust ,long life duration

3. With high quality evaporative filter cooling pad, good effect of evaporating and reducing temperature, easy to clean, edge binding protected and durable.

4. Open-type hard water pipe along with water distribution system ensures spraying water evenly and smoothly

5. Applicable to engineering environment of 3-phase power source, top outlet installation, industrial plants, store that need direct wind supply or long air tube wind supply.


Brand SystemAir®
Model STMA-40-D
Type Fixed Type with Axial Fan
Air Outlet Mode Down Draft
Airflow (m3/h) 40,000
Voltage (V) 415 (3-phase)
Frequency (Hz) 50
Power (KW) 4.0
Working Current (A) 8.6 - 9.8
Dimension (cm) 130(L) x 130(W) x 121(H)
Net Weight (kg) 150
Water Tank (L) 75
Wet Curtain Thickness(cm) 10
Air Outlet Dimension (cm) 90 x 90
Applicable Area (m2) 250-400