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At the early year of 1990s, Our Company started as an industry of air ventilation by setting up a headquater office in Penang, Malaysia. Later on the year 2007 , to create awareness on global warming and offering the solution to reduce the impact of air conditioner usage,  we discovered the technology of “Evaporative Air Cooler” and with the combination our Air Ventilation System, we have delivered the finest quality ventilation products together with fully committed before and after sales service to our CLIENTS. Subsequently, the company has built great reputation in the industry and continue to grow in pace as well.

The company are packed with expertises and enthusiasm people, which all together work as a team for pursuing perfection of all task. The team are detail-oriented from the beginning stage of device selection, site layout analysis, performance testing, to the after sales service and support, and solving every malfunction issues.

After 23 years of experiences and more than 2,000 successful projects, the company are proudly registered the brand with the name “SystemAir®”. However, the philosophy of the company are yet to hold firmly, to be continuously improving for better production and growth as well.


Contribution to Environmental Protection


Provide an entrepreneurial platform

Our Goal

Fulfils a Low carbon lifestyle

Working Theory

The concept of evaporative air cooling is by

1. Using water pump, water is pump up to the top of the cooling pad and then drip down to the cooling pad to keep the pad wet.

2. Fan motor which installed inside the air cooler draws outside air in through the wet cooling pad to evaporate the hot air and decrease the air temperature by adding moisture in it.

3. The cool air then is blown to your desire area using air ventilation.

A good cooling pad is an important factor for the air cooler to achieve its optimal performance, also if the water is not disinfected, its content will damage the cooling pad so regular service and maintenance is required.



  • SystemAir®

    Fix Type Evaporative Air Cooler

  • SystemAir®
    STMA-18 Series Air Cooler
  • STMA-18T-DBP-1
  • STMA-18T-SBP-1
  • STMA-18T-UBP-1
  • SystemAir®
    STMA-23 Series Air Cooler
  • STMA-23T-D-1
  • STMA-23T-S-1
  • STMA-23T-U-1
  • SystemAir®
    STMA-30 Series Air Cooler
  • systemair-cooler-product-20160706-2.jpg
  • systemair-cooler-product-20160706.jpg
  • SystemAir®
    STMA-36 Series Air Cooler
  • NEW STMA-36-3D or 40-3D.jpg
  • NEW STMA-36-3U or 40-3U.jpg
  • SystemAir®
    STMA-40 Series Air Cooler
  • NEW STMA-36-3D or 40-3D.jpg
  • NEW STMA-36-3U or 40-3U.jpg
  • SystemAir®

    Exhaust Fan

  • exhaust
  • exhaust

Project Case

Indoor Engineering Case :

Outdoor Project Case :

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Showroom and Central Distribution Hub

55, Lorong Sungai Puloh 8/KU 6,

Kawasan Perindustrian Sungai Puloh

42100 Klang, Selangor



Management and Administration

No. 6, Lorong Perusahaan Sungai Lokan 3,
Taman Perusahaan Sungai Lokan,
13800, Butterworth, Pulau Pinang

Tel: +60(4)-356 3955 / +60124332955

Fax: +60(4)-356 6955

Email: sales@systemair-cooler.com



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